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The Endowment Fund is used for high priority projects that are unable to be supported through the town’s operating budget. Contributions can be made through direct donations or through a publicly acknowledged bequest. Your gift to the Library’s Endowment Fund is a lasting legacy and your name will be featured on our Donor Recognition Tree.

The color leaves on the tree represent donations of:

  • $100-249 (green)

  • $250 -499 (bronze)

  • $500-999 (silver) 

  • $1,000 plus (gold)


Send a donation along with a filled out copy of the form linked here to the Director’s attention. You may make the check payable to Portland Library Endowment. A Library Board member will respond to you. Please note that some time will need to be allowed for the leaf inscriptions to be processed.

Portland Library Endowment Fund Donor Recognition Tree:  text above tree reads "In Recognition of Our Donors"
Friends of the Portland Library:





The Friends of the Portland Library (FPL) are volunteer-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to support the Portland Library in its efforts to offer quality facilities, services and programs. 


Their work is funded through member contributions and fundraising events.  

Learn more about how to support the Portland Library by joining the FPL or renewing your membership on their website:




Gifts & Memorial donations:  

Contributions specifically intended to be used to add a book to our collection to honor or remember someone special are always welcome. If you wish an individual to be notified of your donation, please include that person's name and address with your donation. 

You can your check payable to Portland Library and mail to:
  Jennifer Billingsley
, Library Director
  Portland Library
  20 Freestone Avenue
  Portland, CT  06480

If you wish your donation to go toward a type of collection  (ex: a children's picture book, or a cook book, or travel guide, please let us know.

Questions?  Please call Jennifer Billingsley, Library Director at 342-6770.

Gifting Your Community
As the time for holiday giving approaches, please consider gifting your community by adopting a book at your library for all to enjoy.  It’s easy! Tell us what title you would like to add to the library’s collection or ask us for a recommendation.  When the book arrives, we will notify you, collect payment (library discount applies), and let you be the first to read your donation. After you return the book other readers will get to enjoy your thoughtful gift to our community! 

All contributions to the Portland Public Library are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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