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  • Search the Online Catalog using Library Connection to find the item you are looking for.

  • Place reserves on items.

  • Request materials from other libraries.

  • Manage your account information

Instructions for Requesting Multiple Item Level Holds with One Record

Interlibrary Loan

If you want an item that is not part of Portland Library's collections, the staff will be happy to try to borrow it for you from another library. Please inquire at the Information Desk or call the Library at 860-342-6770.

Library Cards

Library Card Eligibility

Every resident of Portland is eligible to receive a library card from the Portland Library.

This card will allow borrowing privileges at most public libraries in Connecticut, through the Connecticard program. The card will expire three years from the date of issue.

A person who is not principally domiciled in Portland but who pays taxes on property in Portland may obtain a library card. This card shall be limited to use at Portland Library, in accord with Connecticard regulations.

Library cards for adults

1. For any requests for new or replacement library cards, a patron must show picture identification, and proof of residence. If the patron’s picture identification does not include current address, an additional document that includes the address must be shown.

2. A patron shall complete and sign a registration form, which will be kept on file at the library.

3. Patrons are expected to produce a library card for any borrowing of materials. Patrons who do not have their library card in their possession at the checkout desk may be asked for picture identification and verifying information, such as telephone number, at the discretion of the staff.

Library cards for minors

1. To obtain a library card, a child under the age of 13 is required to have a parent or guardian sign a registration card, which will be kept on file at the library.

2. A child who is unaccompanied by a parent may be allowed a temporary courtesy privilege
to borrow up to three items. A registration form will then be mailed to the parent(s) for a signature. The child will be given a permanent card when the parent or child returns the registration form.

3. As a courtesy to parents, parents of minors who are age 13 or over will be notified by mail after their children have received cards. The parents will have the option of canceling their children’s library cards.

Temporary Library Card
Click here to apply for a temporary library card!
Portland residents can register online as a patron of our library and get temporary access to request materials and use some online resources. If you do not visit Portland Library to complete the registration process within 30 days, this account will be deleted. Please bring proof of residency, such as a photo ID, utility bill, or other official mail, to the library and we will then provide you with your physical library card.

Lost Cards

A fee of $1.00 will be charged for replacement of a lost library card.

Library cards for patrons who are not principally domiciled in Portland


 "Principally domiciled" is defined as the permanent residence of a person, excluding temporary residence for vacation or family visit, etc. 

1. A person whose permanent address is out of state, but is residing in Portland for only a few months, may be issued a temporary library card.

2. The library card will be dated to expire when the person plans to leave town, or in 3 months (whichever occurs sooner).

3. Patrons requesting temporary library cards must, when registering with the library, provide their permanent address, in addition to their temporary address.

4. Patrons, with the exception of Portland property owners, whose permanent residence is in another town in Connecticut, must obtain a library card from their hometown libraries and use that card at the Portland Library. A patron who is without a library card and whose permanent address is another town in Connecticut may, at the discretion of the staff, be extended a one-time borrowing privilege. The maximum number to be borrowed using this courtesy privilege shall be 3 items.

Approved by the Library Board: December 10, 1990 Revised, January 16, 1997 Affirmed December 7, 2000 Revised and accepted March 13, 2003

Patrons' Accounts in the Catalog

In Login on Encore, information about current library transactions can be viewed.  This page allows you to review bills, checkouts, and current hold requests. From the My Account page you can cancel holds, view library messages and requests, and reply to library messages.  A personal identification number (PIN) can be changed or checked-out materials can be renewed.

Please Note:  Not all items may be renewable.  High Demand items, items other patrons have put on reserve, or items that have been previously renewed are not renewable.  Please contact the Portland Library at 860-342-6770 if you have questions or were not successful in renewing your items.

Check Your Patron Record in the Online Catalog

Access the Portland Library Online Catalog.


· Select Login at the top right of the page.


· Enter Last Name and Library Card #


· After logged in, click on your name at the top right of the page.


ENCORE will display all current materials checked out.


Changing Your Address/Phone/Email
You can only change your email address through our website. To update this, log into your account in ENCORE and select Edit Account. If you need to update your address or telephone number, please contact the Portland Library at 860-342-6770 during normal library hours. 


Renew Materials
Most materials may be renewed twice if there are no reserves on them.
You may renew in person or through the Online Catalog with a library card:

From the Checkouts screen,

  • ·  Click on Renew Marked.

  • · Click Yes on the next screen to complete renewal. 

  • · Note which items have been renewed.

Holds or Reserves
Click on the Holds tab

  • Note items on hold

  • Cancel any unwanted holds

  • Change pick up location

Fine Free
No fines for late return of most items (museum passes and yard games are the exception)!


Check your messages from the Library Staff. 

INSTRUCTIONS for using ENCORE, Portland Library's Online Catalog

Ready? Now click here to enter 
the Portland Library's catalog, ENCORE!

SMS Text Messages


1) Go to our Encore catalog (
2) Log in to your account
3) Click on Edit Account
4) In the Modify Patron Information popup, enter your cell number in the "Mobile Phone No." field, click on the "Opt In" check box, and click on Submit at the bottom of the page

5) You will receive a text within a few minutes confirming that you want to sign up. You need to text back "YES".
6) You will receive a confirmation message within a few minutes saying you have signed up.

The SMS messages are in addition to the other notices, not a replacement. So patrons will still receive email/print notices as they always have, but those signing up for SMS messages will also receive the immediate text message. 

Once that is all done, they will start getting text messages every time an item goes onto the holdshelf for them, within a few minutes of when the item is ready for pickup. This does not replace traditional email/print notices; it is in addition to them. Note that multiple patron accounts cannot use the same cell number for receiving these texts.

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